Swedish Champion
Norwegian Veteran Winner 2011

Raffe was our first male, the clown of the family and the dog who never got old. He was a very funny dog. Up until the day he passed away, at 13 years of age, he never had a sick day and in his mind he was always a puppy.


December 18, 2000 ~ October 29, 2013
Breeder: Helena Strömbert, kennel Faraoland
Owner: Maria Kindberg, kennel Shahrans


Raffe was 25% new African with an American father and a French mother. He became father of our first litter and also sired a few more litters in Sweden. He has children and grandchildren all over the world and produced champions and Lure Coursing champions from several litters.


Raffe 12,5 years old


Raffe entered the ring for the first time when he was five months old and was BEST IN SHOW puppy. Since then he has some very nice winnings in the rings such as BEST IN SHOW at the African Match at the Swedish nat. specialty 2005, BEST IN SHOW 3 at at national show in Borås 2003, several BEST IN SHOW veteran placements including BIS veteran and the Swedish Westcoast's most beautiful veteran - all breeds - 2010. He earned his Swedish Champion title soon after turning 2 years of age. To finnish off his career he was BOS veteran 10+ at the Swedish nat. specialty 2011 and Norwegian Veteran Winner 2011, at his last show, 11 years old. In younger days he was also a very good Lure Coursing dog and has BOB and several unoff. CCs on the fields.



Health test results:

Eyes: CLEAR (2011 & 2010), minor PPM (2007, 2005, 2004, 2002)
Hips (HD): A / Excellent
Fanconi Syndrome: DNA tested CLEAR/NORMAL





Show results:

2 x BOB
1 x BOS
3 x CC
1 x BOS junior/intermediate
5 x BOB veteran
7 x BOS veteran

CQ & placements in 'best male'

BEST IN SHOW 3 - SSUK Borås nat. 2003

BEST IN SHOW veteran - VKK Västkustvalpen inoff. 2010
BEST IN SHOW 2 veteran - SKK Borås nat. 2010
BEST IN SHOW 4 veteran - SSUK Borås nat. 2009
BEST IN SHOW 5 veteran - SKK Ronneby int. 2009

Swedish Champion
Norwegian Veteran Winner 2011

Swedish West Coast's most beautiful veteran - all breeds - 2010

BEST IN SHOW African Match - Swedish Specialty nat. 2005
BOS veteran 10+ - Swedish Specialty nat. 2011

#1 Basenji Veteran Male Of The Year 2009 - Sweden

3 x BOB puppy
1 x BOS puppy

BEST IN SHOW puppy - Gothenburg unoff. 2001
BEST IN SHOW 4 puppy - Gothenburg unoff. 2001



Lure Coursing results:

1 x BOB
2 x unoff. CC
Top-5 placements
Lure Coursing license

BEST IN FIELD 5 - Torup 2005
BEST IN FIELD 2 unlicensed - Hjältevad 2005




SE CH Shahrans Haluzi
Shahrans Gambito
SE CH Shahrans Aritza
SE CH SE LCCH Shahrans Zombifa
SE LCCH Shahrans Arifzo

Kincha's Runner In Sunrise
Kincha's Rambler Of Sunrise - exp Latvia
Kincha's Choice Of The Sunrise
IT CH Kincha's African Sunrise - exp Italy
Kincha's Clarity Sunrise

Lucky Swede's Gold Sun
Lucky Swede's Gold Zone
Lucky Swede's Gold Shine
Lucky Swede's Gold Love
Lucky Swede's Gold Star
Lucky Swede's Gold Dragon

Nganga's Marilyn Monroe
SE CH NORD JW-12 DK JW-12 Nganga's Clint Eastwood
CC-winner Nganga's Humphrey Bogart - exp Turkey
CC-winner Nganga's James Dean - exp Norway
Nganga's Marlon Brando
CC-winner Nganga's John Travolta
Nganga's Greta Garbo - exp Germany

Wild Pearl's Bounty Of Rafhael
CC-winner Wild Pearl's Blake Of Rafhael - exp Australia
Wild Pearl's Bronx Of Rafhael
Wild Pearl's Benji Of Rafhael

Boxzent's Merry Christmas
Boxzent's Santa Claus
Boxzent's Christmas Gift





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Efe' Of Esenjo
Ch Akuaba's Tiger Lily Avongara Gangura
Ch Akuaba's BJ Tempest
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Ch Serengeti Cool Jazz Of Woz
Ch Akuaba Dances To Terrarust
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