Norwegian Champion

Bonus lives in Norway with Ida and her family, including half brother Benzo. He is a sweet boy that we hope to see a lot of in the future!


Born: November 18, 2018
Breeders: Maria Kindberg & Therese Kindberg, kennel Shahrans
Owner: Ida Ottemo


Bonus has been shown with nice results. He has several BOB puppy, Group placements and BEST IN SHOW puppy placement at an international KC show. At 10 months of age he took his first CC and Nordic CC together with BOB at a Nordic KC show, and gained his Norwegian Champion title at the first possible try. He also has several BOB and group placements.




Show results:

4 x BOB
3 x CC
1 x Nordic CC
1 x R-CC
CQs & placements in 'best male'

BIG-1 - Nordkjosbotn nat. 2021
BIG-2 - Tromsö nat. 2021
BIG-4 - Nordkjosbotn nat. 2021

Norwegian Champion

2 x BOB puppy

BEST IN SHOW 2 puppy - NKK Tromsö int. 2019
BIG-1 puppy - NKK Tromsö int. 2019
BIG-4 puppy - Nordkjosbotn nat. 2019



Health test results:

Hips: A / Excellent



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