Unoff. Swedish Lure Coursing Champion

Billa was our first basenji and kennel Shahrans foundation bitch. She came to us in January 1999 after a long time of waiting. She was a very cozy girl who loved to be cuddled with. She lived a long, happy and healthy life before she passed away at 15 years of age.


November 13, 1998 ~ November 05, 2013
Breeders: Mia Löwbeer & Monica Massih, kennel Yulara
Owner: Maria Kindberg, kennel Shahrans


Billa was BOB puppy and BIG-2 puppy at her first show but she was never found of the showring and was not shown much because of that. She did a come-back one weekend in veteran class though during the summer of 2007 and won CC, BOB veteran and BEST IN SHOW veteran! Something that she always loved though was Lure Coursing and she was very successful on the fields. She won BOB at her first competition, three straight unoff CC's and became the first basenji bitch to become unoff Lure Coursing champion in Sweden ever! Also here she did a come-back as a veteran and won BEST IN FIELD veteran! There are not many basenjis who can brag about BIS/F on BOTH Lure Coursing and in the show ring! ;)



Billa is the mother of Shahrans first litter and has really proven herself to be a good brood bitch. Four of five puppies are champion in the show ring, on the field or both (the fifth has not competed). They all lived long and happy lifes. Billa has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who have become important breeding dogs tn different kennels and countries.



Health test results:

Eyes: CLEAR (2002 & 2004)
Hips (HD): A / Excellent
Fanconi Syndrome: Probably clear/normal




Show results:

1 x CC
1 x BOB veteran
1 x BOS veteran
CQ & placements in 'best bitch'

BEST IN SHOW veteran - SSUK Borås nat. 2007

7 x BOB puppy

BEST IN SHOW 4 puppy - LEBHK Lilla Edet unoff. 1999
BEST IN SHOW 5 puppy - SK Varberg unoff. 1999
BIG-1 puppy - LEBHK Lilla Edet unoff. 1999

BIG-2 puppy - Kungsbacka unoff. 1999
BIG-4 puppy - Kviberg unoff. 1999



Lure Coursing results:

1 x BOB
3 x unoff. CC
Top-5 placements
Lure Coursing license

BEST IN FIELD veteran - Club Championship Bröndome 2007
BEST IN FIELD 4 - Club Championship Bröndome 2007

First Basenji Bitch ever to become unoff. Swedish Lure Coursing Champion!




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Shahrans Gambito
SE CH SPBOS Shahrans Aritza
SE CH SE LCCH Shahrans Zombifa
SE LCCH Shahrans Arifzo




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