We have imported a few dogs during the years. Getting new blood is always exciting and good for many reasons. We have also exported some of our bred dogs that will hopefully contribute to the basenji population in other parts of the world.



Ch Kimwitu's Valentino - Denmark
Ch Kimwitu's Zolotaya - Denmark
Ch Behukai Egyptian Treasure - Finland
Ch Zandeena A Twist In The Tail - Australia
Indigo Of Swala Pala (Whippet) - France
Ch Lord Sinclair Of Swala Pala - France
Narfi Of Swala Pala - France




Shahrans Little Lure Wise In Pj's - Finland
Ch Shahrans Phantom Of The Opera - Norway
Shahrans Heartbreaker - Holland
Ch Shahrans Heart Of The Ocean - Lithuania
Ch Shahrans American Eagle - Norway/Croatia
Ch Shahrans Ladybird - Finland
Ch Shahrans El Bandito - Russia
Ch Shahrans Wish Upon A Star - Norway
Ch Shahrans Apocalypse - France
Shahrans Pim Pim (at Silverbriar) - England
Shahrans Miss Universe - Slovenia
Ch Shahrans Strawberry White - Latvia
Shahrans Royal Cornetto - Holland
JCh Shahrans Passion For Fashion - Latvia
Ch Shahrans Raspberry Ripple - Austria
Shahrans Fruit Infusion - Norway
Shahrans Baroooque - Denmark
Shahrans Mister Angelo - Norway